Our Story

Hello! Thank you for being here, YOU are the reason this little shop continues to exist. 
Tabitha Sumner
owner: willow & wren 

Once upon a time.... :)

In the spring of 2000 a small shop known as Feathering the Nest was born from the hearts and minds of a mom and daughter team. It all began with a tiny white barn and a love for all things botanical, natural and beautiful and over the next 18 years it grew, relocated, grew some more and continually evolved through the love and dedication of the owners and lots of loyal customers aka friends. 

In late 2015, personal near-tragedy struck and the brick & mortar location was closed, relocated and re-imagined under the new name of Willow & Wren. The focus became events, florals, and balloons while still offering nature-inspired decor, gifts and home fragrances but in 2019 Covid-19 began to rear it's head and shortly the whole world turned upside down. The shop became very quiet and finally it was clear that it would need to be closed until....? A few small "covid" weddings happened, a few bouquets went out the door with no contact delivery but until the summer of 2021 the shop was slowly on it's way to becoming one more casualty of a pandemic.

Summer 2021, a reprieve from Covid, a partnership with an amazing large-scale client and a few "real" weddings/events on the books and the shop is finally beginning to breathe life again. Please be welcomed to follow the journey, shop, visit, swap stories but most of all feel the hope of new beginnings, the strength that comes from enduring and share the love of all things natural and nature-inspired as this little workshop once again evolves and steps back into the fray.
to be continued...